N002-PDE Graphene Oxide Powder


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The N002-PDE is comprised of few-layer graphene oxide platelets with a thickness of 2-3 nm and a lateral dimension of approximately 7 um. The carbon content of this product is 60%-80% with an oxygen content between 10%-30%. This graphene oxide is ideal for applications where a high degree of functionality is required on the graphene platelet. The large percentage of oxygen may result in better dispersion in a number of aqueous and non-aqueous media. The N002-PDE can be reduced in applications where electrical or thermal conductivity is required via several standard methods.

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SDS for N002-PDE

TDS for N002-PDE

Product Specifications:

Graphene Powder or Graphene Oxide: Graphene Oxide Powder
Average Number of Graphene Layers: Few Layer Graphene Oxide
Average X & Y Dimensions (um): ≤ 7
Specific Surface Area (m2/gm): ≥ 400
True Density (gm/cm3): ≤ 2.20
Solids (Percent): ≥ 98.90
Carbon Content (percent of carbon): 60 – 80
Oxygen Content (Percent of Oxygen): 10 – 30
Hydrogen Content (Percent of Hydrogen): ≤ 2.00
Nitrogen Content (Percent of Nitrogen): ≤ 0.50
Ash Content (Percent of Ash): ≤ 2.50
Moisture (Percent): ≤ 1.00

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