2016: The Dawn of Graphene

Graphene has the potential to fully charge your phone in five minutes, clean up radioactive waste, create a super strong artificial limb or make ocean water drinkable. Until now large scale adoption of the “wonder material” has been stymied by limited production capabilities and a high price tag. But Angstron Materials is about to change the rules.

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Sharing and Enabling your Visions for Graphene since 2007

The Worlds Largest

a-circAngstron Materials Inc., the world's largest producer of nano graphene platelets (NGPs) specializes in helping companies engineer graphene solutions with mechanical, electrical and conductive performance advantages. We have the expertise to partner with customers throughout the commercialization process from initial screening to market launch.
Angstron is ideally positioned to assist in the research, development, and commercialization of graphene enhanced products. We have

  • Extensive knowledge of graphene materials and properties;
  • Capabilities to disperse the graphene materials in a range of solvents, polymers, and epoxies for easy handling and incorporation;
  • Experience in functionalizing graphene materials to increase compatibility within customer systems;
  • Large scale manufacturing that yields significant economies of scale;
  • ISO 9001:2008 certification to ensure quality and consistency
  • Facilities and partners around the world to assist with global graphene commercialization

Patented Technology &
Process Highlights

Angstron's co-founders, Drs. Bor Jang and Aruna Zhamu, hold over 150 patents relating to graphene materials. These patents allow Angstron to pursue applications and technologies off limits to other companies. The IP portfolio spans a wide range of technologies from production and manufacturing techniques to graphene enhanced and graphene enabled products. The list includes the first patent on the production of single layer graphene in 2002 and the first patent on graphene reinforced metal, glass, carbon and ceramic-matrix composites and single layer graphene-reinforced polymer composites.


Key Performance Advantages

Angstron's nano graphene solutions eliminate the viscosity and dispersion problems associated with processing advanced materials that use carbon nanotubes and fibers.

Other intrinsic properties include:

  • Highest thermal conductivity
  • Exceptional in-plane electrical conductivity
  • Fifty times stronger than steel
  • Ultra-high Young's modulus
  • Highest intrinsic strength
  • High specific surface area
  • Low density

Why NGPs

NGPs vs. Carbon Nanotubes

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Our mission is to become the largest cost effective producer of graphene in world and to provide graphene solutions across a variety of industries and applications. Call us to learn how we can help you harness the advantages of graphene technology.

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